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    I, too, always sell (F/B) from the point of view that it is a vacation home and that exchanging is pretty much optional.

    Most hard working people like the idea of having access to or owning a vacation home whether it is a cabin or a condo or….

    I have also found that I sell much more use time then my buds and that, I believe, is because I sell our location, the amenities and villas as a vacation home and then if or when they hesitate on that aspect I intro the exchange…

    Works for me.

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    To young, elderly or broke doesn’t matter.

    Most developers market and sell TS like betting on roulette in Vegas.

    They know, sooner or later the age and income thingy doesn’t matter to them because eventually the rolling ball spinning in the opposite direction of the wheel will eventually land in one of the developers pockets.

    Pretty simple and basic when you think about it.

    Think of the sales center as a Casino.

    At each table are the players (tours & Reps) and there is a wheel in the center of each table.

    Everyone picks their numbers, colors, odd or even and then the liner spins the wheel and rolls the ball.

    End result – house wins because of the sheer numbers of tables in the game.

    So you got to give it up to the developers for figuring that out and that is why the marketing and selling continues in the manner in which it was originally conceived.

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