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    I agree with the laydowns. But, you can’t say all the laydowns are in the first 20 percent.

    I’ve seen some laydowns come from the last 20 percent you say to get rid of and I’ve seen other laydowns come from the 60 percent.

    But I do agree with your intent and that is there needs to be some discovery done during the invite phase so marketing can weed out the ones who should never be invited in the first place.

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    Please stop making so much sense. I simply can’t take it.

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    Long time reader of your weekly rants and I usually agree with you.

    As for the 20-60-20 rule; correct for us and our tours.

    Sadly, like a substance abuser as long as most developers get their daily fix and hit the numbers they are as satisfied and then get up the next day for the next fix.

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    And especially “and the financially challenged” tours.

    The minimum income must be $70,000.00.

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    I would go for as low as $60,000 being a Q but only if marketing weeded out the trash before they get in the room and waste my time.

    I’m here and want to make money and just left a deal where the ‘Q’ was $40,000 and the room was running about a $1,200 VPG.

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    So how do we stop that 20% from getting into our room?

    Sounds like you are suggesting marketing needs to pre-sell.

    Let us know please.

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    Robin, I wouldn’t say that marketing needs to pre-sell, but marketing needs to target. The rest of the marketing world does it, no reason for timeshare not to.

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