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    The problem is that these deciders earn their incomes not from their individual performance but instead from the total sales volume and as long as that continues then those deciders see no need to change anything.

    And unlike all the reps the deciders incomes remain pretty constant each pay cycle throughout the year because the total sales volume remains somewhat level.

    Conversely, who among us haven’t had some pretty depressing pay days because during any given cycle we’ve had a batch of lower income tours who, as stated:

    can’t frickin’ afford to be happy little timeshare campers no matter how much they may like or want it!

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    Don’t hold your breath if you’re working with minimal income sales guest qualifications.

    About the only thing most of those developers will do to improve sales is to increase the tour flow and hire more reps.

    That’s it – so don’t expect anything else.

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    I have two personal policies.

    Policy #-1: Never work for any timeshare developer with low tour income qualifications. They are usually the same developers with no spiffs, unrealistic bonus structures (if they have any at all), poor morale, lousy training, high rep turnover, under-performing sales center stats and all the reps I know working for those developers’ make much less than those of us working with the good developers’.

    Policy #-2: See policy #-1.

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    Amen Tim.

    I left that scene some time ago; changed to a really progressive developer and my income immediately increased by 25% plus BONUSES!

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    Sally and others have it right; and it all depends on which developer you work for.

    We live in a money talks and BS walks world and if you’re hauling low income tours then you’ll earn a low income. Doesn’t get much simpler than that.

    And its not like the developers don’t know it either. But the bad ones could care less about the individual reps income because they make their bank off the masses and live by the creed: NEXT!

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    It’s like trying to sell a really cool high-end sports car to sales guests living on a beer and fries budget!

    Utter futility & pure madness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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