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    I know about those other developers’.

    I called on a deal back East that was listed on Craigslist and they needed Front to Backers.

    Wanted me to relocate with no reimbursements, no bonuses, no spiffs and no benefits.

    And if that wasn’t enough they pay only 9 pts and you wouldn’t get your first check for about one month after you closed your first deal and then they would only pay out commissions on the 1st and the 15th and they still have a reserve.

    That call was short lived: LMAO!

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    Worse is that we’re now in the era of texting and bar codes and the new generation is going to want all there info fast and furious, but short and to the point.

    I suppose that will affect marketing and sales.

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    At the rate technology is advancing and the way people are glued to their devices I see the day coming when developers will be or should be OPC’ing electronically to get people to watch an online presentation and then buy or not.

    If that happens their marketing and sales costs will plummet and so will their retail prices making the developers more competitive with the secondary market but IF that ever does happen a lot of us will be out of work.

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