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    What you don’t understand is that the very young and very old UPS are simply room fill and the marketing cost is just that; the cost of doing business.

    So whether we sell one out of every 10, 30, 50 or 1 out of every 100 of those UPS those deals, when they rarely happen and stick are just icing on the cake for the developer.

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    Ya got to admit that all the newlywed and nearly dead tours are great for phony deletions.

    When I’m working a table and someone in the room deletes an elderly couple I’ll look at them and then say to my tour something like: “Isn’t that neat. They still love each other and have enough get up and go left to vacation a couple more times and then they’ll probably past it on for their grand kids…”

    When it’s a young tour getting deleted I’ll say something to my tour like: “That sure warms my heart to see the younger generation becoming owners. Shows me that they have wisdom far beyond their peers and that they know how important taking vacations are each year to rekindling their lives and love for one another…”

    Works for me!

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