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    Especially true in Mexico and the Caribbean where at some resorts it is mandatory that owners and exchanging members have to also pay excessive daily all inclusive fees for their food, drinks and activities.

    Some fees are hundreds of dollars each day per adult and a little less per child.

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    It’s just one more of the countless illusions of just about everything.

    Owners are told they are exchanging this for that and with the exception of fixed and floating weeks including internal exchanges within a developers’ resort system most exchange companies are nothing more than massive dumping pots of time; and that time is up for grabs to be reserved on a first come first served basis!

    So I agree that it’s a very excessive reservation fee being charged.

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    If you are correct about a week exchange in 1974 being $7 and today it is $219 then that is a 3028.57% increase since RCI started.

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    That’s the beauty of compounding.

    The annual rate increase for exchanging with RCI works out to be 8.76%.

    Since that covers a 40 year period you can be sure the trend will continue.

    So, five years from now the exchange rate for a week will be $333.27.

    Ten years: $508.00 20 Years: $1,175.00.

    Plus the annual RCI membership fees/costs.

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    On top of the exchange fee and the annual membership dues RCI, II and others also earn million and millions in commissions from selling their members airline tickets, car rentals, cruises, hotel rooms or suites etc. because they are at their core a travel agency.

    I don’t have a problem with them earning commissions but not on top of what it cost to be a member of the exchange company in the first place.

    Especially when considering other travel agency’s do the same for all the clients they book for business and pleasure travel and do so without an obligation to pay the agency hundreds of dollars in fee’s to use their travel services.

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