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    I spoke with a long time owner recently and they wanted to unload their TS which has been paid off for many years.

    I asked why they wanted to sell and they said it was the “damn maintenance fee”; which was $595 per year for their 1 week 1 Bdrm.

    So I asked if they still vacation and they said they do all the time.

    My response was that it seemed to me that they’d be hard pressed to rent on the open market a 1 Bdrm. + taxes for their current $85 per night cost as a TS owner and the wife immediately asked me what I meant.

    I told them their AMF’ gets them 7 nights per year (a week) here for their $575 which equals $85 per night and that in my book that’s a pretty darn good deal especially for such a nice resort.

    Again, the wife said to me “I never looked at it that way” and then I reminded them that their TS and the amenities etc. look as good today as it did when they became owners and that they can also thank the AMF’s for that little reality – and for their current $85 nightly.

    They agreed, no longer wanted out and left happy knowing they made a wise decision years ago.

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    The real problem is the exchange fee; $200 or about $30 per night.

    That is a rip off for what amounts to nothing more than making a reservation and owners see it just that way.

    Lower the exchange fees to where they ought to be and that will be good for everyone.

    Besides, the exchange companies make lots of money anyway off of airline tickets, car rentals, cruises, rental weeks and more.

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    Take into account retail price paid + maintenance and then see how your per night rate works out.

    Not to mention a comparison of investing the money and the income earned.

    I bought resale for pennies on the dollar and with maintenance I consider it barely a decent deal.

    Dont forget the aggravation of having to book a year in advance to have a chance of staying at your preferred resort or not getting the benefits or sales or promotions that might be offered at similar properties (free dining at Disney for example – but not for DVC owners).

    Also dont forget the mandatory all inclusive fees at the carribean resorts. It is cheaper to book the resort directly.

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    Dear “Owner”.

    Though you made some valid points the bottom line is most people know everything about costs and little about value.

    One way or the other if anyone is going to vacation they must pay to play.

    And without our industry this past 50 years most middle class working people would have stayed in no-frills hotel/motel rooms.

    And the money they would have spent anyway over those years was a 100% guaranteed loss; or as you prefer, lacked a ROI.

    As for mandatory all inclusive fees? Same is true of non-timeshare properties around the world so simply don’t use those.

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