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    Congratulations on a well-deserved banner year!

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    So when ya gonna help the industry?

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    Kudos on a job well done.

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    New Reader...

    Well your NEGATIVE slant-on the industry’s black-heads is NOT developer no sales friendly at all.. All we see is the Whitehead/ Sundance crap and the MX fraud stuff which leads any casual reader to believe that ALL TS is a rip off? WHY do you choose to alienate the professional companies (i am one) who advertise with you by HIGHLIGHTING the small percentage of miscreants/ I love the site but WHY SIR…do you so highlight the scam artist’s who are the minority, and thereby give the alleged MAJORITY of interested readers pause????? WHY??

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    I agree with “New Reader”!

    What is up with this need and notion of sharing news and information about the undesirables’ scamming ts owners anyway?

    I suppose you also believe in free speech, a free press and the right to assemble and petition.

    You disgust me; and I just want to vomit!

    Thank goodness there are other local, regional, national and international news sources that wouldn’t dare publish or broadcast their negative slant on business, politics, science, religion etc. and of course ts scammers.

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    Don’t get off track fools; and congrats to ITG!

    I’m been a weekly reader for about 4 years and look forward to catching up on all the news on my day off; and sometimes late at night.

    I also found a new career that was advertised here about 18 months ago and have loved the move as it has worked out really well.

    Here’s to another great 6 years ITG and thanks for what you all do.

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    Memo to New Reader.

    You may not know it but this is only the second time in over 5 years of publishing my weekly column ITG whereby I responded to a comment.

    You however raised an interesting question so you might want to read my column to be published this coming Friday on January 16th as I’ll do my best to answer you question of “Why”.


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    Been awhile since I posted but wanted to also offer my Kudos for a job well done.

    And I look forward to reading your response to the new reader.

    You guys are appreciated!

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