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    One tour a week with sub-medium income is to many; that’s 50 a year; 500 in ten years and 1,000 times in twenty years.

    Two a week is worse: 100 a year; 1,000 in ten years; 2,000 tours in 20 years.

    I’m in commission sales to make money which is why I also don’t do T/O deals; go F/B only and I’d never work at any track with low-income tours. It’s a losers game!

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    It’s as plain as the nose on your face.

    Those developers forcing their sales line to haul low income UPS is because their modus operandi is to sink or swim baby!

    Throw everything against the wall and see what sticks!

    They do the same with their OPC’s, their liners, their closers and marketing & sales room management.

    If ya can’t cut it then hit the bricks pal.

    Everyone in ROOM FILL!!!!!!!

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    Get 10 Nicefolks in a row, blank and you’re toast!

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    You should have tallied the grocery costs annually. Maybe that would help developers understand.

    At the bottom (of $146 a week) for a family of 4 the annual cost to eat not so well is $7,592.00.

    That’s almost 50% (1/2) of what Mrs. Nicefolks earns.

    Oh well, maybe the Nicefolks will buy an exit program (LMAO) – Now were making those big bucks!

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    Top Gun

    It’s one of the easiest sales deals around.

    Show up on time, haul the tour, close the deal and make some money!

    Stop bitching. You knew the qualifications before you started so get over it people.

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    Spoken like a card carrying Lackey Top Gun!

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    Last year I earned $176-K in Vegas as a closer.

    If you want to be a winner work for one!

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    I totally agree with MZ.

    I, too, make a damn good living. Have for many years! and having a blast!

    Just stop working with the losers and you’ll never have anything to moan about ever again.

    Make it happen!!!!!!

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