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    Anyone one that can not sell clean is a real loser!

    A couple weeks each year at exotic locations from mountain top ski resorts to beach front properties; in major cities, rural areas, islands and so many more places and experiences around the world vacationing in deluxe 1, 2 or 3 bdrm. fully furnished villas with all the amenities including maid service, security, on-site activities…..

    Yep, you’ve got to be a real loser if you can’t sell that clean!

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    There’s other bloggers out besides you and me Scoop who deal with timeshare issues? Oh wait, I’m most assuredly not an insider :-)

    Agree on the fact that most salespeople in the biz are in fact, decent people and that lies and deception occur every day in many other sales environments.

    All consumers, prospective timeshare purchasers or otherwise, must start taking some personal responsibility for their choices

    Timeshare is a great product which has many millions of happy owners

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    I like the price, cost and value analogy.

    It is true that way to many people know the price and cost of everything and the value of nothing.

    Tours get all subjective when they are on tour and I’ve seen it a zillion times when they think TS works one way after I clearly told them ‘…no, if your marriage is on the rocks this will not cure that…’

    Just kidding but you hopefully get my point!

    TS Rocks and I wouldn’t sell anything else but vacations, vacations and a lot more vacations.

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    I knew a closer many years ago in Mexico by the name of Ron Sparks and he’d always say that “buyers are liars”.

    Back then I didn’t agree with Sparks; but I sure do these days.

    Some UPS would lie about us even if we gave them a 4-W TS deal free of charge and with no annuals or Xfees’.

    ‘And that lying, cheating and disgusting Mel never told us that we’d have to make advance reservations to get Christmas and New Years weeks in Hawaii’

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    I’m a timeshare owner and I think Mel is the guy that sold us our two timeshares last year and also told us we could rent them out during Super Bowl week and that we could charge some serious rental rates.

    As it turned out he was correct because all the hotels and motels in the area raised their rates for the big game but Mel didn’t tell us that we couldn’t exchange our two weeks at our home resort for 2 SBW 15 days before kick-off.

    Shame on you Mel!

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    Did you all catch John Oliver’s season opener on HBO last night (“Last Week Tonight”)?

    Speaking of:

    ‘…unscrupulous, sleaze-bag, low-rent, bottom-feeding evil-dwelling sales reps who lied through their teeth…’

    He did part of the show on “Marketing to Doctors” and ripped Big Pharma (legal drug pushers companies – of the prescription variety) to absolute shreds.


    see it here: http://time.com/3700497/john-oliver-last-week-tonight-big-pharma/
    or here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQZ2UeOTO3I

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