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    Wow. Puts things into perspective.

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    Ya want perspective? Here a couple numbers to get that perspective!

    3 shots a day x 6 days a week w/2 weeks off each year over 10 years; 9,000 shots
    2 shots a day x 6 days a week w/2 weeks off each year over 10 years: 6,000 shots.

    Average shots (between the two) 7,500

    20% close; 1,500 deals and 6,000 No Sale

    1/2 those no deals (3,000 UPS) shouldn’t have been invited in the first place.

    Replace those 3,000 with real ‘Q’s’ and @ 20% close; another 600 deals.

    At a $1-K commish per deal = $600-K more commish in ten years/$60-K per year.

    demand better tours cause figures don’t lie!

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      I agree with you. But the number of sales representatives who can demand anything is minimal.

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    Right you are Lisa! They’re like the developers and mostly only think of today.

    And after the 2008 crash many seasoned pros moved on to deals outside ts.

    Today you have a lot of relatively new representatives that are clueless to our history but I suppose, in time, they too may wake up and realize instead of what they’re earning they’ll discover how much more they could be earning.

    Nope, that too will never happen! 😉

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    But ya got to admit, as I did today, you can go in to the shop with the right mindset and if you have a ‘Q’ that has the bucks you can earn $1,800!

    If you ask me that ain’t a bad gig!

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    Big Bob

    RE: “2015 U.S. hourly wage of $25”?

    I’m guessing you mean, assuming a 40 hour work week that developers ought to have a base pay of $1,000 a week and that by doing so that would replace their current pay scheme and lower those marketing and sales %’s (costs) to that “4.25%”

    Even if it would; don’t hold your breath because they don’t think in those terms.

    That would mean, first, they’d have to hire only top tier reps (on both sides) and that, too, will never happen.

    And that is because they’d have to fully train those reps and the developers would have to think long term careers; and that, too, ain’t going to happen because it’s still hire them in masses and fire their asses methodology that rules!

    Besides they’d be forced to run their marketing and sales departments as if they were a Fortune 500 company; and that, too, will never happen in your wildest dreams.

    But for me (and others); I could care less because I’m doing just fine and will continue to do just that; and love it all including daily cash SPIFFS!

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