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    Hi: I hope this is the tip of the iceberg to get justice for numerous people who may have been scammed by these people. Next lets get some justice for people scammed by the sampler package.

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      Amen to the Lloyd & John, Items 1 & 2 of the comments. I have had some very misleading & confusing meetings with Diamond Reps. The last one was same as Lloyds. I used my MGV points to go to Mystic Dunes, went to a presentation for news updates…all we got was a wasted 6 hours and I ended up with the Sampler Package plus a Barclays Card (Diamond purchases only) that I don’t want and will never use; however, they put the $2,995 for Sampler on the card. That was a real catch, because I signed for the card and am liable. I had understood that the Sampler would be financed through Diamond for 6 months; well, it is a Diamond card in some respects.

      Worse yet, I just looked at my account as I had paid my quarterly maintenance fees for MGV to Diamond on the Diamond website! There was no indication I had paid for the Sampler in my payment history, which was done on May 6, 2015. I talked to an MGV person (at Diamond) & she could not find any indication of any purchase of the Sampler Package, as of today at 2:30 pm. I was connected with a member of the Sampler Team and she said she would present this to upper echelon and I would hear from someone in 5-7 days. I want out of it now, since they didn’t hold up their end anyway. What if I’d wanted to use that Sampler right away…I paid for it right away with that darn credit card! If I had owed them money, I’ll be I’d heard from them immediately.

      On top of that, when I had time to go over EVERY word of the info I was given for the Sampler, I find that we have to participate in a Presentation Sales meeting at any resort we go to and if we don’t participate we have to pay the resort charges for our stay. Plus under this deal (2995.00 for 18 months..the catch being you have to buy either 7500 for 100% of points value I bought, or 2500 for 50% of points bought, which would be put against a point purchase. Oh yes, he gave us a really “good deal” by saying the points we buy will only cost us $2.49/pt versus 7.XX/pt actual price.

      We are retirees, already own multiple timeshares and don’t want another one. My only purpose for listening to them was because I wanted to be able to buy a few Diamond points to be combined with my MGV points so we would be able to use “some” of the Diamond resorts.

      All the above is in addition to a $220 fee I paid in March so that I could use just a handful of Diamond resorts in Florida! It’s called the Club Connection and my $220 expires in Dec. What I found is that the resorts I wanted to use in Florida and for which I paid the extra to have access to them, are some of the same ones on the Sampler Package. The others are far away or overseas, which we can’t use.

      I feel like I’m really stuck and will be paying for a dead horse, since we will not be buying any Diamond Points. We, along with many other MGV owners, feel like we just lost any money we had tied up in that timeshare. Diamond did NOT buy MGV, they just manage it (via a sales rep). They are trying to get MGV owners to buy their points making us believe they will be combined….they are not/will not be. I went through that part last year and almost got myself another timeshare. I would be glad to tell you about that later. They did refund my money and it’s an interesting story you might be interested in.

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    Help Me get my mess with Diamond Resorts cleaned up. They lied to me, they kept me there all day until I signed the papers worn out and exhausted. They didn’t give me the full package, I found out later when I went to pay the first installment, that I now had annual maintenance fees more than double what I was paying for my fully owned resort! They had told me I would be done with the annual maintenance fees and only have to pay them $234 per year! There were more lies and more deceit and more charges than they admitted to at the so called information presentation which was described to me as an update on the resort and its improvements and current upgrades etc. Too much to go into here. help!!! Please help me sort out this unprofessional, lying, misrepresentation of their real deal.

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    These comments are exact mirror of what I gave experienced with Diamond Resorts. I was conned into upgrading when Diamond took over Monarch Grand Vacations. I was fooled into thinking that I had to upgrade in order to use the resorts. When I realized that the maintenance fees had more than doubled, and I was paying fees for Monarch and Diamond, and there was not a representative that could clear this up without me paying for another upgrade, I just gave up. I would like to find an attorney that could help with this situation. Diamond is all about getting more money, selling you lies and making as much of a profit as they can.

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