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    Could not agree more.

    It also flies right in the face of all this talk about letting people see the importance of taking their paid vacation days.

    Does anyone really think that people aren’t taking their vacation days for any other reason other than they can’t afford to go anywhere?

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    Agreed and especially the “ludicrous” part.

    Adjective: foolish, unreasonable, ridiculous.

    Synonyms: absurd, laughable, preposterous, mad, crazy, insane, stupid, asinine (and more)

    P.S. The only time I ever got fired was after I had a run of really low-income tours and on the 10th (in a row) I got the boot by the sales manger who got booted 3 weeks later for poor numbers.

    Fore me it was no problem, because I just moved on and kept closing more deals for another developer.

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    Here we go again:

    When I started selling Timeshare in Mexico in 1989–that’s 26 years ago folks–the minimum qualification was $40,000.

    Adjusted for inflation–in other words, the comparative value of money and what it would take to buy the same goods and services today–a “tour” would need to make $78,827.02, as of 2014.

    Are there any Developers requiring that $78,827.02 to walk in the door and take a tour? Of course not.

    But, hey, why would they when they can use you like a tool, take up your time using you as free labor to “practice your pitch” or “hone your skills” on a “courtesy tour”.

    Not on the $78,827.02 income figure, mind you. But a income figure a nose-bleed drop below that.

    Are there reps making big bucks in the Timeshare biz? You bet. Congratulations! But, are there reps being forced to talk to insanely unqualified people and not getting paid squat to do it?

    Every day. All day long. One after another. Week after week.

    All so some Corporate Head Honcho, PD, SM, or AM–when he/she sees 1 sale out of 75-100 NQs–then proclaims loudly in the morning meeting that the exception proves the rule: “See, I told you anybody buys!”

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    There are developers with $65-K plus income qualifications so if you’re working for one of the low-rent developers @ $40-K that’s not their fault, it’s yours for being that stupid to haul those UPS!

    Get a life!

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    I did a little digging. One report said a family of 4 needs no less than $67,920 (pre-tax) annually; and living well they are not..

    They also said that a family this size will spend $12,000 on car payments, insurance, gas and repairs each year.

    That the median household income in the U.S.A. is $52,000 ($16,000 less than what they really need).

    At the end they said that 60% of all households today are being squeezed out of every dollar they earn; living paycheck to paycheck.

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    I’ll agree with Anonymous about low-income sales guests not being the fault of those developers and instead it’s the sales people that work there and take those tours.

    Personally, I would never work anywhere with a $40,000 qualification but I disagree with Anonymous for calling those people that do “stupid”

    They may be working in an area with no other developers.

    They may be new and don’t know any better.

    They may be closers on a love line T/O system and friends with the manager who turns the tables.

    They may be a closer in a liner call room and the closers are spiffing the good liners to call them first.

    Still, their average VPG’s must be lower than other rooms with higher income requirements so they are still earning much less from all those low-income guests.

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