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    Mindless, numbness & robotic.

    Pure numbers is the name of the game!

    Hit those numbers and that is all that matters because that is how developers make bank.

    For us working the line; as long as we’re batting .250 we’re making a good living.

    Hit .300 and we’re rocking and rolling!

    Hit .400 + and we’re knocking it out of the ballpark, stuffing our pockets and having a blast too!

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    There is another way to look at this Mike.

    I’ve read that the average IQ (Intelligence Quotient) in the U.S is 100 points.

    If someone has a 70 point (or below) IQ they are challenged due to their lack of cognitive abilities and skills and if they have an IQ above 130 they are likely pretty bright.

    The article I read said that 95% of the population falls within that range: 70 – 130 points.

    So does this mean that all the UPS that buy are either incredibly smart or they lack cognitive abilities and skills and wouldn’t the same be true of all the UPS that don’t buy?

    And what about all of us? (LMAO)

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    I have met a few sales managers with IQ’s in the 60 point range and others who seemed to be way above the 100 point threshold.

    The same is true of liners, closer’s, VIP’s and developers. Like our tours, we too are a mixed bag!

    Of course my IQ is so high; though 8 years later I still can’t figure out why I’m in this business :)!

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    If it is true we pitched 50 Million and 40 Million passed; that’s an astounding amount of wasted capital and hours working.

    Oh, I forgot; no sales person made a penny pitching to those 40 million now did we?

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