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    Very insightful and makes all the business sense in the world but it won’t happen, like everything else in this business, until it’s forced.

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    We don’t need not stinkin’ salary.

    We need a huge commission per deal and a $500 cash bonus (paid daily) for all the NQ’s tour.

    That, I can live with!

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    At the same time there is nothing worse than for payday’s to roll around and find you have no paycheck forthcoming.

    Pay continuity is very important so I would support that livable salary with daily SPIFFS and a monthly or quarterly bonus.

    I would not support a bonus paid out in 6 or 12 months.

    It’s my earned income and the only way I would support a longer term payout on bonuses would be if those where interest bearing and held in some type of irrevocable account or trust.

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    In will never happen in spite of what was pointed out.

    …sales, revenue and profits will soar; your employees would remain loyal, rep turnover would be much lower – and those costly rescission percentages would plummet like a ‘nose-bleed drop’

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    I’ve been a closer for about three years now. I love selling vacations and was just hired this past Friday by a Developer that takes care of their people. And I thank the good Lord for that blessing!

    Until I was fortunate enough to get hired on; for me and many others, being in Timeshare sales can be brutal and will, most likely, ultimately end in total personal financial disaster and tragedy.

    Timeshare sales can be brutal:

    Not because of all the rejection (those No’s).

    Not because of all our labor spent trying to sell tours that have no means whatsoever to purchase in the first place (Next).

    Not because we often have to deal with dictatorial type SM’s, PD’s and others with narcissistic personality disorders that can and do fire sales people on a whim (that is just the way it is)

    Not because of the grind (the hours in a day can be long).

    Not because many work 6 days a week (nothing else to do anyway).

    Not because most have no life or health insurance (though, without question, sooner or later, everyone will need both).

    Not because there is no paid time off from work should illness strike or a bone is broken etc. (that only happens to other workers).

    Not because no paid vacation time off from work is provided (just lose a couple weeks income and deplete the life saving’s each year to vacation with our families)

    Not because most have no retirement account other than, hopefully, SS (work till we drop is the mantra).

    Not because many paydays roll around throughout the year and no paycheck is forthcoming (the local pawn shop is always open)

    No, none of that (and more) matters.

    Being in sales in Timeshare can be brutal because when the party is over, and over it shall become, and after our lives, energy, talents, skills and loyalty have been totally exhausted we’ll be hurled to the ditch on the side of highway like road kill and we won’t even be a faint memory!

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    Alleluia and Amen Charlie. You nailed it!

    I spent 7 years as 1099 I/C and then, like you, I quit and went to work where we have a base, benefits and a retirement deal.

    And, we still get cash spiff’s and the points are better than what I was getting before – oh, and the tour income requirements are higher and management is top notch!

    Like you and so many others I love what I do. Wouldn’t do anything else and will never again work for (and make millions for) a developer that could care less about my future!!!!!!!

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