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    Name withheld

    I’m one of the lucky ones. Been with the same Developer for nearly 6 years that doesn’t play games. Some here have been here longer than I have.

    We have excellent initial and ongoing sales training and support, low turnover, great benefits, fantastic commissions, next day cash spiffs, very supportive management too and sales guests to die for.

    Most developers play the shuffle game

    Churn and Burn baby! They hire in masses, barely train their assess then fire their asses and then do it all over again and again and again.

    Same with their sales guests: They bring in the masses with barely a heart beat and see what sticks, do it again, and again and again forever and ever.

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    There will always be turnover but I, too, have been around a long time and a big reason for excessive and expensive turnover numbers comes from within the organization’s practices and not from those hired.

    If a developer is hiring a body to tour a body and that is the extent of that then the outcome is just as predictable as another developer hiring a qualified sales manager; provides top notch training and support and actually qualifies each sales guest’s existing travel habits and their ability to afford what the developer has to sell before they are eve allowed into the room.

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    I came across an ad on a board that is always there and they say “earn up to 9% commission”.

    9 cents on the dollar!

    Where do I sign LMAO!

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    The rule of 10.

    If you are new and you blank 10 times in a row; your toast.

    If you’ve been on the line for a while and blank 10 in a row; toast!

    If you’ve been around a few years and you blank 10 in a row; good-bye!

    If you’ve been around many years and hit a bad run and blank 10 in a row; hit the road!

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    Interesting thread. But, speaking of a “20” year career I wonder what or how many developers will still be around in the year 2035?

    A lot can and will happen between now and then.

    One thing is for sure; things change all the time!

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    It use to be make hay while the sun shines with any developer; now the smart money is on anchoring with a Star developer and leave the losers behind!

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    It’s all good Bro! Having the time of my life in Cabo and I love it. Off by 2:00 in the afternoon, golfing and fishing on my day’s off. Shopping is fantastic and the night life is wild and crazy!

    No down side here!

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    Glad to hear that George. Why we’ll pull the kids out of school, sell the house, leave our families, neighbors and friends and join you next month.

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