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    Here in Mexico that was not only painful it is, as was pointed out, widespread.

    I’ve worked in Cancun, PV and now Cabo and I’ve seen all sorts of these s**t shops!

    Constant management turnover, untrained liners, T/O’s that spin to win and more.

    I got a great gig here going front to back and am making a ton of money!

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      what a bunch of crooks and liars and cheats – i hope your mother buys a timeshare and you to pay for it . How do you to live with your self?

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    I tried to laugh but could not because to many times I had to come behind a liner doing just what this liner did. Sit there and tell the UP to fill out their own survey!

    The developer and management must be real losers!

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    What a joke, mess and embarrassment!

    It all proves that the fish always rots from the head down!

    And I made it all the way thorough to the final survey when the liner said something like “okay, you guys know this is a presentation? The tour said yes and then the liner said “all I’m going to do is ask you to fill this out” and then slides the survey sheet across the table to the tour.

    The liner shuts up and the tour begins filling our and answering the questions on the survey….

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    Rocky Point has potential but not unless there is a real sales & marketing strategy with money to make it happen it’s a loser’s deal.

    And whoever the developer, PD or SM is they all need to get their heads out of their asses and come clean.

    That was the most pathetic (partial) presentation I’ve ever seen.

    I wonder how it went during the close and if they made a deal (NOT)? (LMAO)

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    Mark my words; at the end of the video that liner sitting there doing nothing and having the sales guest fill out the survey will some day be your SM!

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