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    It is true we sell vacations. That’s the way I’ve always sold except I add the vacation home ownership component.

    But, no, we are not “like a doctor, a nurse, firemen, policemen, lifeguard.”

    We, well some of us, are sales professionals and their is an actual formula to be a highly successful one and it has nothing to do with saving lives!

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    So the links to the videos you posted were removed yet this stays…I find them equally distasteful.

    Good salespeople, selling good products don’t have to do any of this.

    I just find it sad.

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    Look at the faces of the audience. Lost souls in disbelief.

    Some are wondering is he full of BS and other are wondering could it be true?


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    Dr. Biopsy

    As a timeshare owner and a neurosurgeon at Johns Hopkins that specializes in oncology I find it concerning that timeshare sales reps are being taught that they have the same education, skills, training, discipline and techniques that I and other’s have perfected in order to save lives.

    What else are they teaching these sales people?

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    Well Doc if we told you everything that has been and continues to be taught you’d need a cardiologist or at least another vacation or two to chill out and stop fretting.

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    Sell it clean and you make a lot of money.

    That is not say you can’t sizzle the sale; and doing so in not pitching heat.

    Just have fun, be a pro, deliver an upbeat full presentation every time and by all means point out a couple flaws like “Betsy and Bob, you have to follow the reservation process in order to request the time of the year you want and where. Most owners pick out a couple places of interest to them so they can go where and when they want. And no, you can’t call up two nights before New Years Eve and think you’re going to get a two bedroom suite in Cancun”.

    Be straight and they’ll appreciate that approach and you’ll make many more sales and commissions.

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    I had a sales manger (Mike) once who had only been a liner.

    His pal (Alan), with only a general real estate background became the PD of a new deal and was given that slot because he was the brother in-law of one of the main executives with the company.

    Mike, the sales manager, often proudly admitted he never closed a deal in his life and he also told his closers that if we was a closer he’d “lie to every UP, every time”. His exact words.

    Later, when Mike and Alan moved on Mike was replaced by not only another liner (Rick) but a liner that had just blanked 85 times straight. Believe it or not that is true and of course he was related to the same executive that had given Alan his slot.

    So now Rick was the new sales manager and the new project director was Fred (also appointed by that same exec) whose only TS experience was that as the resorts (now) former OPC Manager.

    Sales plummeted and the best closers (and some liners) quite and moved on to other developers.

    All true!

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    Speaking of sales managers.

    I think it would be fun if everyone posted a story about their sales manager. The good ones and the not so good ones.

    I’ve been lucky and have only had great ones that share their knowledge and skills!

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    I’m appalled, but not surprised by Richard Siegal’s comments made during the sales meeting and later to the camera. Those “greedy moochers” who will buy if they “believe” (his emphasis on the word “believe” they’re “getting a great deal” are the same “greedy moochers” whose purchases enabled his father, David Siegel and David’s wife to build their 20000 square foot house in Florida, helped build their wealth and give them many rewards .

    If it wasn’t for those “greedy moochers” (“100% of the people on tour are ‘greedy moochers'” according to Siegel) where would the Siegel family be now? Probably not the new owners of the former Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, where their agents on the front line, haul 2-4 “greedy moocher” tours a day, early morning to late afternoon/early evening, six days a week, unless on the in-house line where reps often work seven days a week playing concierge and sales agent…. Siegel should look at the guy staring back in the mirror and at some of his family members to see what real greed looks like.

    BTW, I worked for the company years ago and never heard David Siegel speak this way. Ugh!

    And we aren’t doctors, fire fighters, or life-savers! These people are already on vacation… in Las Vegas on vacation! What a stupid thing to say to the agents. Our role is to show people a better way to vacation, honestly explaining what it will and won’t do for them, and show them an ownership package to fit their lifestyle and budget.

    I was taught by some of the best in the business. This guy couldn’t hold a candle to any of them, and in my opinion he comes off as a pompous ass. To succeed, you need to have heart, be honest, make a friend, do the right thing, and of course believe in the product. You don’t need to lie … It’s a great product with awesome benefits for vacationers.

    Yes, become an owner and use it. But don’t lie if you’re not an owner yet. If asked, be honest and say, “I don’t own yet but I’m working towards that goal because Ive seen how it’s changed so many lives for the better!” (Or whatever.)

    Incredible that this fool actually allowed this to be filmed. Talk about bad sales techniques.

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