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    Well said Charles. The bodies are everywhere and they keep piling up.

    The cold hard global reality is there just aren’t that many good companies around so the advise to find and join one asap is rock solid sound too!

    Just look around. You would be hard pressed to find anyone that was in timeshare marketing or sales at some point in the last 20 years (or longer) who actually retired and receives a retirement income from all their working years.

    Equally as bad; most didn’t save enough and worse over the years and many others just blew the money.

    Wake up people!

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    You can add being charged back for deals that kick post the rescission period. Especially those timely payment deals which ought to be illegal.

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    What’s the beef? Take a tour, make a deal! Works for me!

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    Since you asked Bret I’ll tell ya the beef.

    It all depends on where you hang your hat. If you’re surrounded by low income tours, that’s “the beef.”

    If you’re being paid low points then that too is “the beef.”

    If you don’t have benefits that, too, is “the beef”.

    But at the end of the day its not the developers at fault it is the sales lines that tolerate the BS!

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    I’m with Bret on this one. Wrote an $18,000 all cash deal yesterday.

    At the rate I’m going this month I’ll hit bonus too and with that I’ll put a nice down stroke on a new car I have my eyes on.

    This is a great business if you’ve got the talent!

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