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    Probably nobody wants to hear about this because most people in most walks of life live whistling past the graveyard.

    That is unless the FED (Federal Reserve System) raises, or in considering raising the Central Banks current interest rate to all their Pals which is between 0% to 0.25%.

    Imagine getting money that cheap (basically free) for all our borrowing!

    But if the FED raises their rate by 25 basis points (0.25% or 1/4 of 1%) the Market, the banks and the TV pundits who cover the financials will run around with their hair on fire screaming the sky is falling.

    In conclusion I agree that anyone in timeshare marketing, sales and lower-level s/m management who is still working for loser developers that don’t provide benefits and a retirement plan are liners, closers, F/B’ers and management that is fooling themselves.

    But I disagree with:

    And unlike an (e.g.) ‘Old Soldiers Home’ – there is no such place for TS reps to kick back many years from now, free of financial stress, and talk about those good old days.

    There is such a place and it is called SKID ROW and there is always room there to hang out, live and talk up those good old glory days.

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    Dear Scoop, I personally want to thank you for opening my eyes.

    I am new selling timeshares and just love it.

    I came from a sales background and started as a liner in 2013. Made a lot of new friends and a decent living.

    By the next year I was closing and earning even more.

    This year I’m on track to earn about the same commissions, bonuses and spiffs that I earned last year.

    In 2014 I earned about $73,800. My wife, by the way, works at home and does all the heavy lifting raising the baby and everything else and though she has no outside income we all live well on what I’m earning.

    This morning before I went to work I read your article and when I came home later this afternoon and using your formula of 4.25% I realized that I was not, as you wrote, breaking even.

    I added up the next 5 years before my baby starts the 1st grade and was horrified to see how much income my family will lose in that short amount of time. It is nearly $17,000!

    $3,400 annually; if my wife and I could put that amount of money aside each year into our daughters college fund that would be totally awesome.

    But, respectfully, what was missing from your article was how, in a commission only world, are we going to get a raise each year?

    Will prices increase each year and because they will we’ll earn more?

    Will developers increase the commissions and bonuses they pay us each year so we’ll at least keep pace with inflation?

    Maybe you can write a follow up article and let us all know your thoughts because I’m sure many of your readers want to get ahead each year and not have regressive incomes.

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    Hey Rick, welcome aboard.

    Don’t count on price increases to save the day. When prices to increase its really not going to help any of us get ahead.

    And don’t count on developers increasing the percentages they pay.

    The key here is to work developers that offers decent percentage base and a realistic monthly or quarterly volume bonus that is also retroactive.

    I.E. You’re paid, say, 7 pts. but if your volume for the month surpasses $175-K you earn an additional 7& on everything for that month.

    Hope this helps

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    Don’t worry about it. Take the tour, close the deal and make money.

    I see it all the time. Most waste their money. Most live for today. Most are clueless.

    Whatever your nut is make it and then use the rest of the money to make more money.

    Flip cars. Buy, fix up homes and unload them for a big profit.

    Get a deal with your developer to SG; and then get off your lazy butt and do it!

    The only thing stopping anyone from getting ahead is themselves.

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    Do you research, find and invest in a good penny stock.

    It’s very risky but if you do it right you’ll make more on one trade in one day then you’d make in months selling TS.


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    Another thing you can do to earn more is hone your selling and closing skills.

    Work each sales guest as if they are the best tour in the world and the last shot you’ll ever get.

    And if you average deal is $15,000 pump that up to the next level too!

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    If you want to retire at 60 and if you live to be 80 just decide how much you need yearly (after taxes including property) and multiple that by the 20 years.

    Just keep in mind those are today’s dollars.

    But make absolutely sure you have the best possible medical insurance you can get.

    Over 60% of all personal bankruptcies are because of medical expenses and nearly 80% of the households that file for BK had some kind of health insurance when they filed.

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    If you have the talent, are consistent, in the top 20% and write clean deals then don’t be shy and ask for more points (“raise”).

    There is plenty of room for any developer to take care of their top talent.

    Remember, if you don’t ask you’ll never know.

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    It is not that anyone needs a raise; though that would be okay

    Aside from poor sales training and a lot weak liners and closers the other issue has always been the quality of the tours.

    25 year olds? Give me a fricken break! 75 year olds? You’ve got to be joking! Low income tours? Let the developers top level management take those! Tours that haven’t, don’t and never will travel? Yeah, they buy the dream and then kick just as quick!

    Oh well, NEXT!

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    Still the best gig around. And like was said. If you are really good ask for more points.

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