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    Very thoughtful to make such a generous offer supporting our Veterans!

    Many companies advertise some limp (and bogus) Veterans’ day discounts which are meaningless because what they are really saying is ‘spend your money here”.

    Keep up the great work!


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    My Father served during the Vietnam war in the Army infantry and was decorated.

    He never spoke about War or much about his service.

    In 2008 he lost his job because of the rescission and like so many others, he could not find a new job. It was devastating to him and Mom.

    The folks lost everything. First went their life savings. Then, their credit and credit cards. Unemployment insurance ran out and because of his age no company would give him a decent job.

    Then, they lost their home of 18 years because they couldn’t make the mortgage payments (even with our help) any longer.

    Dad had earned enough during his life so mom worked at home taking care of the family but when the chips were down she too applied for many jobs; but because of her age and lack of work experience she could only get a part time minimum wage job with no health benefits.

    Dad did odd jobs and the folks moved in with us and we saw both my of my once very proud and strong parents slowly lose all hope.

    After dad passed a couple years ago that destroyed Mom and her health. She recently passed too.

    And I’ve shared this with you all because all my parents lives; they played by the rules.

    They paid all their taxes. They raised me, they went to church most every week, they did volunteer work, they were good neighbors and the best parents in the world.

    But, in the end, none of that matter including Dad’s Veteran status; and so I wanted to thank your company for making such a kind offer to help Vets and I pray that other Vets can get a decent paying job because of your offer.

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    I hear “thank you for your service” on TV talk programs all the time. Lot’s of other feel good things are said but like the story above there are to many veterans of all ages that have a hard time getting a good job.

    There are also many good support groups for the veteran community like wounded warrior project but what I don’t understand is if the USA took care of our veterans why would private organizations have to be formed to fill the obvious void?

    So I join other here applauding your offer to developers and veterans. Thank you.

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    I want too also wish all Veterans bucket loads of health and success.

    Thank you one, And thank you all.

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