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    I worked in a couple TO rooms as a closer but finally landed a front to back deal and I’ll never go back.

    In the TO deals at least half my closing time was selling the deal because some of the liners did a poor job. And I’m not the kind of closer that table hops. When I land, I work the deal.

    But having changed to a front to back deal my numbers have shot up and I earn more commission on each deal.

    I’m sure there are good TO deals out there but I never came across one and I loathe the love line and liner call deals.

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    I have been through the Mexico scam and would like to share the info I have. Damian Owens from New World Asset Connection from Nashville,Tennesee. He apparently was the or a broker. The other person involved from Denver, Colorado with Wilson Moore Closing Association as the buyer. They robbed us of $7000. I have opened complaints at both Attorney Offices in both states. I have also reported it to the fraud department in US and with the RCMP in Canada. Beware!

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      his name is Ron Macky. well thats what they say!

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