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    I love it!

    Every time a sales guest asks if they can resell it I always tell them them they’ll have a lot better chance selling their timeshare then they would trying to sell their rental receipts (LOL).

    And I also tell them when their traveling days come to an end and if they don’t want to Will their timeshare to their kids to use to vacation and instead want to sell but only get one dollar they are one buck ahead of the game because they’ll get not one cent for their receipts; which they can’t Will either.

    Yield Scoops advice. Stick with the basics. Don’t fear the truth. Your tours will respect you for being that way and you’ll close more deals!

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    I’d like to add my thoughts. I agree with this approach AND, stop comparing apples to oranges.

    I still hear liners pitching hotel room costs. WRONG!

    Better to pitch like accommodation rental costs.

    Do some research, many one, two and three bedrooms on the upscale end can and do rent for several hundred to many thousands of dollars NIGHTLY!

    Pitch it that way and you can’t go wrong.

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    I was recently promoted to being a T/O and am doing well but could also use some tips; so would you please tell us what the “Old Money Close” is and how to use it.

    I’m sure everyone that doesn’t know would be eternally grateful.

    Sincerely ,


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      What is omc did you find out. Id also like to know

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    I too haven’t heard of the OMC; but I think the real point was already stated:

    getting back to basic timeshare 101-A. And that is all vacationers rental receipts are absolutely worthless, totally valueless and a guaranteed 100% loss!

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    On the other hand…….. I can understand not having a resale value after 5 or 10 years of usage. And my $30K is sunk money. But tell me this: Why do I have to pay maintenance fees and special assessments for the rest of my life? Why hasn’t the industry developed a method of recycling timeshares so those that “are done” can move on and rest in peace.

    This is why there is a whole industry of resellers and scam artists who prey on the poor souls who just want out. Wyndham and Diamond have programs, but only because it benefits THEM. Most prospects don’t really understand that they are signing a LIFETIME contract. That is why Redweek, TUG and Ebay have timeshares for $1.

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      A Resort in Mexico has solved this problem. You have a registered week for 10 years. Depending on the Division purchased, you pay from one to 5 maintenance fees in the 10 years. if you don’t use it, you pay no Maintenance fee. After 10 years you can renew for another 10 years by paying 1 Maintenance fee. It is great for older travelers. They also are a 5 Diamond Resort, and will buy your timeshares, and get you out of your Mandatory Maintenance fees. A client with 2 TS paying $1000 ea.per year in Maintenance fees will save $20,000. It is a no brainier. The Resort closes 40%.

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    I’ll field your question John.

    The reason you have to “pay maintenance fees and special assessments for the rest of your life” is because you agreed to do so.

    You signed the purchase agreement, the documents, the acknowledgement and verification forms and you had a rescission period so you could ponder what you bought and change you mind if you ultimately concluded it was a bad deal.

    You had time to re-evaluate everything, crunch the numbers again and again and again and you, like millions of other buyers accepted the terms and conditions, decided timeshare ownership was you cup of tea and went off on your merry vacationing holidays.

    So you can’t come back years later and then blame the nasty sales reps or developer because now you or your lifestyle has changed.

    You bought it, you own it; so use it, let your friends use it, let your extended family enjoy it and travel the world.

    Good Luck

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    Chris, thanks for tackling my “question.” Actually, it was a rhetorical question – meant for the readers – the timeshare industry. I don’t own a timeshare. I have “studied” the timeshare model for the last 2 years and have decided that it is not my cup of tea. I don’t sign lifetime contracts because I believe that the only constant is life is “change.” Everything changes, and the lifetime nature of the timeshare contract doesn’t fit my needs. I will continue to rent from owners when it suits my needs.

    I can understand the concept that vacation money or a timeshare purchase will be a sunk cost (receipts worth $0). But I can’t grasp the “You can’t get out” concept. You’ve explained it pretty well. I think it should be different.

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    Hi John, I agree with much of what you said.

    There should be an out like the Timeshares in Mexico whereby members purchase a (e.g.) 25 year RTU (right to use) vacation plan.

    At the end of the 25 years they can either walk away or renew.

    Recently, in the USA, some developers are beginning to offer these type of RTU plans.

    My prediction is, in time, that will become the norm.


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