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    I’m in the market for a new car and has a “What Can I Afford” calculator, a “Loan calculator”, a “Lease” calculator, a “Gas-Guzzler Calculator” and a “Low APR vs. Cash Back” calculator.

    And they also have, and have had it for some time, a “True Cost To Own” app.

    With that one they calculate the selling price, the interest on the loan, taxes, fees, insurance premiums, fuel costs, maintenance and repairs over a five year period (and deprecation too).

    So as it turned out the base price $30-K Impala I’m looking at and excluding the depreciation over the five years, all the other costs add an additional $26-K bringing my total cost to nearly $56-K.

    And of course by then the Impala would be 5 years old, have about 75,000 miles on it and will have depreciated about 50% so I would only be able to trade it in or resell it for, if it is in decent condition, for maybe about $15-K.

    These apps make it simple to make any financial evaluations and decisions; and no, I didn’t buy the Impala but I did run the numbers at the dealership.

    The manager’s (T/O) response there was, believe it or not, “operational costs are nothing new Dave. So what do I gotta do to put you behind the wheels today”.

    I smiled, shuck hands with my sales rep and his manager and left the dealership.

    I will buy something somewhere but I’m in no rush and everything from gas mileage (and fuel price per gal) to paying cash or financing and interest rates, insurance costs etc. will really come into play this time.

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