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    Joe Barnes

    I worked at Westgate. David Siegal will have his judgement day. He sues his Salespeople for money they don’t owe. You are served with a lawsuit. You have 10 days to respond, or he is awarded a judgement . He is then able to seize your assets. A lot of foreigners work there, and are terrified they will lose everything. Is that how you treat the people who made you millions? Some Salespeople are honest, and just repeat what they are taught. If you want to exchange from Orlando to Myrtle Beach in the Summer, it is only an additional $8000, Park City, Utah during ski season $12,000. If you have a fixed week, they are converting them to Floating. If you own week 51 or 52, and have been coming for years., you will never come again at that time. Don’t worry, He is using your money to build the biggest private home in the U.S. 93,000 sq. feet. He is a crook, and gives the industry a bad name. Money isn’t everything. He will pay one day.

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    Sally H

    Off the top of my head, my guess would be the F*** Law group. Funny the way the partial name with wildcards works out.

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