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    Even though I don’t live in your great state of Tennessee, (I am a realtor and reside in Hawaii.) I was very taken with the articles about Wyndham and am not surprised.
    They have stormed trooped in to the State of Hawaii and am sure many unsuspecting
    people on vacation have been lured in by the glitz and glamor of being a proud owner of a Timeshare.
    However, years from now should you decide to sell, it will be a;most impossible to do so,
    and if they make an offer it will be pennies on the dollar.
    Hopefully with the success you have had in Tennessee uncovering these scams they will soon do the same in Hawaii.
    Sad though that this is only punishable by paying out monies, and no jail time for fraud.
    They will just go somewhere else and set up shop.

    Great work people and legal beagles of Tennessee.
    I have visited your beautiful state and fell in love with it the minute I stepped
    off the plane. Now I love it even more.

    Maui, HI

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