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    Long time reader and first time posting.

    You hit the nail square on the head about “living large with the status quo”.

    In your example where “Scoop personally bagged a cool $49.9 Million – plus all the other perks associated with being the CEO of Scoop’s privately held LLC.” is also correct.

    This is why many business owners in all industries are happy with the way things are and they won’t change anything to their formula that allows them to live well.

    And that may be okay with privately held companies; but not publicly owned ones.

    With the latter, though, as long as share holders get some sort of return and their shares are liquid-able then for them too, that status quo is just fine and they won’t demand more efficiency.

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    If $157 Million more could be generated from the same number of tours then does not that equate to a loss over the next 10 years of $1.5 Billion?

    And if it’s not $157 Million but 1/2 ($78 Million); isn’t that an additional loss of $780 Million over 10 years?

    If only $39 Million more in sales come from the same number of tours; that is a loss of $390 Million over 10 years.

    Maybe only $5 Million more can be generated from the same number of tours each year which would be, using your deal price of $18.5-K, only 270 more deals a year; that still adds an extra $50 Million in lost sales over the next 10 years.

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