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    That is right Scoop and all you other moaners; marketing works great for me just the way it is and I’ll never change my system. Like it or leave it fools!

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      You must be a Dirtbag OPC

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    Since Developers’ pay OPC’s for every tour they send in then developers’ should pay us for every tour we take.

    Then, on top of that they should pay us the commissions, spiffs and bonus on all the deals we sell. Time IS money

    I’m thinking $250 per tour we take paid out as a cash spiff the next morning.

    Commissions paid out weekly.

    All other spiffs and bonuses paid out on the 1st of each month.

    And while I’m at it; NO MORE CHARGE BACKS.

    Once the rescission period laps then we keep our earnings and the developers’ can call that something they understand, believe in and do themselves:


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    Why don’t you try hitting the streets or phones and then watch just how fast you change your minds.

    6 to 8 hour shifts every day talking to a lot of aholes just so you get a shot at a warm body!

    Most of you would die on the streets or on the phone because you are lazy; so give it a break until you walk a mile in our shoes.

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      Amazing!! I know that Richard Siegel describes his customers as “mooches.” (Youtube). But to call prospects as “aholes” or “warm bodies” seems a little condescending. What if the folks wandering the streets of Charleston or the boardwalk in Myrtle Beach were to know what you’re thinking. Maybe you should start guessing peoples’ weight at the carnival.

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    “Why can’t we all get along” (LMAO)!

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    I agree with what John said. Bad choice of words KC.

    But I also agree that most marketing personnel could care less about sales being made.

    If they were paid say $10 per hour, had to work 30 or 40 hours per week and then were paid a percentage on each sale they generated then they’d be more inclined to send in qualified sales guests.

    And, IMO, any sales guest or household income below $60,000 really is not in a position to buy a decent timeshare.

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