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    Charge backs are a direct result of the “heat merchants”. Back in the 1970 and ’80’s they would hit a sales center, make a run until the cancellations started pouring in and take a developer for upwards of $50 Large and then move on to the next victim.

    Around the early to mid 80’s is when developers started the VLO process and the verification and acknowlegement forms to try and stop the practice; but the liars continued doing their special thing around the world.

    Some made a run in the U.S. (coast to coast) and then when licensing became a requirement they headed to Mexico, the Carribbean and elsewhere and to this day they still continue their EVIL in places like the D.R. (which is, mostly, a hot bed of thieves).

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    Speaking of “heat merchants”; did you know that many moved up the management chain and held or hold high positions of power, authority and still some mandate a less than truthful approach to pitching and closing deals?

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    What we need is something like a International Timeshare Reps Legal Representation Association (ITRLRA).

    If 300, 500, 1,000, 2,500 or more reps put up $25, $50 or $75 each month to be a member; then the ITRLRA could protect those of us that joined and maybe even develop a standardized working contract that would protect both sides equally.

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    An Association?

    We have several. One in D.C., one up in Canada, one down in Mexico and I think an Association across the pond in Europe and another one down-under in Australia too.

    Can’t remember their names but I’m sure they are all there to protect and serve our interests because they care for us all so deeply and are very appreciative our efforts (LMAO).

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