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    You are being Snarky “Amigo” cause Rick would be lucky to get airfare reimbursed, maybe, about 45 days after he is there.

    As for housing? It’ll most likely be the first night or two at their resort, and then 28 nights in a small motel room; hopefully with hot running water.

    And that’s it because here in Mexico most gringo’s either know someone that gets them hired on or they just show up and let the chips fall where they may.

    Otherwise: VIVA MEXICO!!!!!

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    Ya wanna another laugh Nick?

    Scoop forgot about the sign on bonus (SOB)

    If Rick is as good as you claimed then Villa should also pay him a 10% SOB equivalent to the gross profit the company earns on his (personal) first year sales volume.

    $1.8 Million sales. 25% gross profit (GP)= $450,000.00.

    10% SOB = $45,000.00

    Now you can really laugh Nick.

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    I did the Mexico deal once. Was promised housing when we arrived in Cabo.

    1st night was at the resort. 2nd, 3rd and 4th night was in a small Mexican motel with no TV and only a ceiling fan that hardly worked and a toilet that hadn’t been cleaned in some time.

    Then, on the 5th night, with the motel being sold out because it was Christmas Eve, late that afternoon my manager had my wife and I move into a vintage 1960’s 12 foot long trailer they somehow had access too that couldn’t of had more than 100 sq. ft. of space and that included the kitchen, the bathroom, the living room and the bedroom.

    We can laugh now, but it wasn’t funny that Xmas Eve.

    I couldn’t even stand up straight inside that dump and it was a tight squeeze for the both of us to fit on the so called bed that night; and from my calf’s down to my soles those parts of my legs hung over the end.

    So be careful when they include housing because what housing means to most people and what it means to some developers can be worlds apart.

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    Depending on who you are with you’ll be lucky to get two shots a day in Mexico.

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    So I guess we won’t be seeing the Villa Group advertising jobs here any time soon. LOL.

    Of course your points are well taken and especially when moving overseas.

    It’s expensive, it can be perilous if something goes wrong and when there being without protection like health insurance is not a good thing.

    Plus, without recourse, they can and do fire at will and some burn any commissions earned and due.

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