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    A very comprehensive and well written article. It could be a chapter in a history lesson. Only question: Do you think the new OPCs will be handing out cigars in return for a tour?

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    OMG; What a great premium idea; CUBAN CIGARS!

    Knowing the industry the developer may buy some cheap shelf brands in bulk in the USA, ship them to Cuba, hire a few Cuban school age kids to sit in a dark room somewhere for 12 hours a day; rip open the boxes, repack each cigar individually slapping a new label on them saying their are 100% CUBAN , send those to the Street where the OPC’s will hawk them to tourist, snag and send the directs to the sales floor and the rest will become timeshare history.

    Ya gotta love the-biz! LMAO

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    Happy Easter All

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    As an old-timer I am truly amazed where owners can buy or exchange to these days.

    Yes, to Cuba!

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    I think it would be cool to live and work in Cuba; especially if we’d get paid in USD.

    Plus, its a short flight to and from Miami so if we need anything we can’t buy on island head north, get what you need, and return south.

    Count me in too!

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