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    I saw the flick decades ago and it’s a hoot

    leading finally to acts of shocking violence… ending often in incurable insanity!


    no attempt was made to equivocate.

    Give me a break.

    The truth is that the war on Pot started as a racial deal back in the early 20th Century; and then the bureaucrats wanted a long term career and funding for their newly founded departments; so they started scaring the Bejeezus out of Congress and Americans.

    And by the time President Nixon (and then Reagan) rolled around they took their campaign globally and in many instances forced other nations to have their war on pot/drugs….

    Then, came the for-profit prison system in America; and they started locking up even more people and ruined more lives.

    More lost their homes, could no longer vote, lost the jobs, lost their families and many became homeless because they could no longer provide the basic necessities; and that American Dream was forever lost.

    Do a little google search for the full story and how these bureaucrats lived the good life, retired with full perks; which goes to show you that sometimes using scare tactics while being ignorant of the facts, arrogant and uneducated can = personal gains.

    Another dark time in our history.

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    All true and they did the same thing with Prohibition (Banning Alcohol) with a constitutional amendment (the 18th) followed by the Volstead Act.

    The law was not that you couldn’t drink (even though the police busted people who did); but was a law against the manufacture, sale and transportation etc.

    The movement stated in the late 1800’s and then went into a full ban between 1920 and 1933.

    That was also around the time of the Harrison Narcotic (Tax) act of 1914 that many believe started the excessively and costly war on drugs.

    A war, not the drugs, that went on to devastate millions of mostly regular folks like you, and you or YOU!

    That little social ban on alcohol experiment gave us the likes of Al Capone and many others (mobs, gangs and organized crime), killings, people dying from tainted booze by buying bathtub gin, rotgut alcohol that poisoned them.

    The History.com website also says on that : (http://www.history.com/news/10-things-you-should-know-about-prohibition).

    “The federal government had required companies to denature industrial alcohol to make it undrinkable as early as 1906, but during Prohibition it ordered them to add quinine, methyl alcohol and other toxic chemicals as a further deterrent. Coupled with the other low-quality products on offer from bootleggers, this tainted booze may have killed more than 10,000 people before the repeal of the 18th Amendment.

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    I think you’re some kind of deviated hippie prevert left over from the 60’s Scoop.

    Now we all finally know about your preversions and that you are organizing some sort of mutiny of preverts to break the backbone and moral fiber of our glorious Homeland.

    And I’ll bet you and your prevert friends also support equal pay for women, affordable health care for everyone as if that is some sort of a human right.

    People like you and your freek hippie buddies who also believe in equality and justice for all need to be run out of this country once and for all.

    America, LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT you bums!

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    And then came “Hemp For Victory”.

    A WWII black and white film allegedly produced by the U.S. Department of Ag in 1942 to encourage American farmers to grow as much hemp as possible.

    Hemp and Pot (the cannabis plant) goes back to ancient times and both have all sorts of wonderful uses that improves lives all around the world.

    Of course the Zealots prefer we all stay as dumb and uninformed as they are because the last thing they’ve ever wanted, also going back to ancient times; is an educated informed citizenry capable of actually thinking….. Grrrrr.

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    Oh wow Maaan; it was like, I don’t know, 20 years ago when the dude I shared my crib with came home and like had this bag full of groceries and took out like a gallon of milk, some sugar and brownie mix.

    So I said whatzup buddy and he said that a guy at work sold him a baggie and said if we mixed up the brownie mix and added the ounce we could get the best high ever.

    Cool, I thought, and so we started like mixin’ and bakin’ and listening to music and when the brownies were done and we like let em cool off for a few minutes.

    Then we like poured two huge glasses of milk and man or man, I tell ya, there is nothin’ like ice cold milk and scarfing down chewy warm brownies.

    Everything was cool for about 30 minutes and then it hit us both big time; you know what I’m sayin’?

    Moral: Everything in moderation, don’t pull a Maureen Dowd trip; and by all means chill!

    Oh yea, my buddy found out at work the next day we weren’t suppose to put the full oz. in the brownie mix and then eat all chocolate squares in one sitting.

    Live and learn.

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