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    Years ago within my first few days on the line as a green pea ( liner) I was told by some of the other liners that developer was a cheater; and never returned reserve funds.

    That the manager was a sexist, ran a love line, flipped the tables and if he didn’t like me he’d only send in the bad closers to my table unless he thought I had a laydown.

    And that the other closers including, as I was told and learned, the heat merchants would spin-to-win and be off my table within minutes if they actually had to work.

    I was told a lot my first week by some of those liners. It was depressing and it all turned out to be true.

    I lasted about 12 weeks, quit but went on to another developer where things were much better.

    I began to excel and write a lot of business.

    Then I became a top closer and ultimately a sales manager.

    To this day, when I hear anyone being negative on my line I give them one shot to clean up their act or out the door they go.

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    It all comes down to loyalty and that is a two way street.

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    Take the tour, sell the deal, collect the commission and shut the F_ _ _ K up!

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    But how do you really feel Cid?

    As for my two cents.

    Be cordial to all but during breaks if the chatter turns even a little negative politely bow out.

    And stay as far away as you can, before, during and after work from the Don or Debbie Downer types.

    Stay positive at all times and positive things will come your way and you’ll sell more too.

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    I’m with a great developer with super management, a wonderful team, unbelievable tour qualifications and we’re all earning a fantastic living.

    I just love it all and every day is as bright as can be with a fantastic future.

    I’m very fortunate (and I know that) because before i was working at a terrible track.

    There, it was (and I hear still is): “if the fish stinks it’s from the head down”.

    Bad company, bad management, lowest tour qualifications anywhere, low VPG’s, low closing ratio’s but they do sell a lot of exit packages!

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