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    In 1988 I got fired. Didn’t see it coming. It was personal. I called a friend in my field to tell him and my friend said, “You’ve got someplace to go, right? You should always be looking for a better job…”

    It had never crossed my mind. Lesson learned.

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    within a generation (next 20 years) they will also be the very people who will lose the most

    20 years can seem like an eternity when you look forward. But to see how fast time goes by look back over the last 20 years and for most of us it zoomed by.

    Not sure if I agree what we’ll be like as a industry 20 years from now but with the past consolidation and with all the TS online for sale or for rent I’m sure we won’t be or look like what we are today.

    Seize the day and prepare for tomorrow is not a bad idea.

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    Golly Gee Wally, what could it all mean?

    20 years ago, in 1996 (a Leap Year); there are admin workers, room host/hostesses, OPC’s, liners and maybe some closers working today that were born that year.

    Timeshare sales were breaking annual records and unbeknownst to all of us consolidation was coming down the tracks; as were a few major developer bankruptcies.

    In 1996 most of us didn’t know about or understand something called the world wide web and the Internet.

    Behind the scenes Google was in development and the first WiFi service was about to launch; blogging and social media was on its way.

    Nintendo 64 was released as were DVD’s, Windows NT 4.0, Java, Ask Jeeves and MSNBC was kicked off.

    In 1996 a computer (“Deep Blue”) played world chess champ Garry Kasparov; Deep Blue won.

    Gas was $1.22 a gal. Minimum wage was $5.15. Average income was $36,300. Average home cost $118,200.

    Seinfeld was a top rated TV show.

    New York Yankees won world series.

    Alan Greenspan was Chairman of the Federal Reserve.

    The Down Jones hit 6000.

    The OJ Simpson murder trial began in California.

    The Unabomber was finally arrested in his cabin in Montana.

    Mother Teresa became an honorary citizen of the U.S.

    TWA (747) Flight 800 blew up off the East Coast (USA) killing all 230 on board.

    Gary Webb and the San Jose Mercury published his reports on CIA role in the crack cocaine scandal; the crack hit the streets of the USA.

    Yasser Arafat was re-elected President of Palestinian Authority.

    Benjamin Netanyahu wins general election.

    Boris Yeltsin is re-elected in Russia.

    Bin Laden writes a declaration of war demanding U.S. forces out of Saudi Arabia.

    The Taliban captures Kabul in Afghanistan.

    None of us had a clue that 9/11 was heading our way leading to endless wars costing massive loss of life, refugees and trillions of tax payer dollars.

    Well Beaver, I think it means s_ _t happens and most of it is out of our control.

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    Cabo Taco

    Hey Sammy; ya forgot the most important event of 1996.

    That was also the year I moved to the Baja and have been making a killer living and living large in Cabo ever since!

    I have the best of all worlds. Great fishing, great friends, no stress and no shortage of good shopping, bars, restaurants and being single, tons of action; if you get my drift, and I think you do.

    I’ll never go back to the old-country and their anal retentive ways.

    I shall happily remain here until I draw my last breath and then transfer to that great timeshare deal in the sky.

    Viva Mexico y Viva Cabo!

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    Rub it in our faces Cabo Taco; say, are you hiring down there?

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