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    I hope all timeshare professionals who love the industry and their owners/members will retweet this post and pass it on. Thank you, Lisa Ann. Great job! –Sharon Scott, RRP

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      Thank you for the kind words, Sharon.

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    MarC Talley

    I’ve been in Timeshare Resale Business since 1991 :)
    We charge NO Up Front Fees and our commission at time of sale is 20% or $2,000 when we SELL something.
    Business has been good to us over the last 20+ years but things have changed.
    There are a LOT of timeshare properties out there that we Can not Give Away at any price and in most cases the Timeshare Companies Management Company will not take it back much less let you ‘change’ the names on a deed.
    What do you advise those people to do if the company won’t take it back?
    We tell them if their credit is not important just Stop Paying maintenance fees. The realities are that a person’s Credit is very important to most people and in that case we refer tham to one of the Exit Strategies that do not not work for free.

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      The situation has to be looked at from both the consumer and the inventory situation. There is MUCH more going on here.


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