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    I lived in the Q for three of the best years of my life.

    See you on Bourbon Street Scoop and the Hurricanes are on me!

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    I would like to see a convention honoring all the marketing, sales, management and admin personnel.

    They are the glue of the industry, bring it all together and make it and the money happen.

    Sure, they (ARDA) has their little Ardy awards they give out to a handful of reps but the association is missing the boat by not making the convention all-inclusive and actively inviting everyone.

    I went to one a couple years back and found when people found out I was a mere closer they basically wanted nothing to do with me.


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    Who in the heck to do you think you are Rex?

    I suppose, just because you write upwards of, or over $1 Million a year in business that you believe you’re entitled too some special acknowledgement, recognition, privilege or treatment.

    What are you going to demand next Rex?

    A family health plan, life insurance, a company sponsored retirement program or, God forbid, paid time off for sick leave that includes a hospital stay or, worse, paid vacation time off from work each year?

    People like you disgust me and denigrate the rest of us!

    But I do wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas.

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    I heard that ARDA will have the 2018 “love fest” in Bodie, California.

    If true, pretty spooky.

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    I, too, love NOLA and will attend this year.

    I also agree with Rex; more should be done to recognize the marketing and sales.

    I’ve been told there was a time that either RCI or II did some annual tribute to all us but no longer.

    Something like that would be great.

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