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    You DOG, down south having a great time; but where?

    L, too, love Mexico and fish tacos so Feliz navidad y próspero año nuevo where ever you are amigo and have one of those cold ones for me too!

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    Check your e-mail Scoop; or read this.

    I would like to know how to go about getting a job in Mexico; maybe you can write about it soon.

    I took one vacation to Mazatlan many years ago and just loved the place and when I read your column this morning I thought, why not?

    Any advise you can offer those of us that want to be on the sidelines during the next 4 years while America goes through a possible crisis would be helpful.

    Personally, I would like to know the legal requirements to work there, who to work for and what the pay is like.

    And where to work would be a big consideration too.

    I’ll keep an eye open here and check my inbox (often) hoping for a response.

    Thank you. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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    It’s pretty simple Terry.

    If you know someone in Mexico have them get you onboard.

    If you don’t know anyone and if you have a few bucks get your passport, pick your destination, buy the airline ticket and fly down.

    Once in town, grab a hotel or motel room and then go around to each resort, introduce yourself to the sales manager and get a job.

    That is how I did it when I move to PV a few years back and I’m lovin’ it!

    And the UPS are a whole bunch better too!

    Buena suerte

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    Make sure you are legal and get housing for at least 45 days!

    And be careful because some places like Cabo are busy all year long and other places like Mazatlan have a high-season that only lasts about 3 months and you’ll barely make bank the rest of the year.

    If you pick the right deal you’ll love it and if you pick the wrong deal you might soon find yourself on the chicken bus heading back north.

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    Long time reader first time posting.

    As for Mexico; I’ve thought about it so I too would like to read some real info about working there and I would also like to know about going to the doctor (if need be), average cost to rent and can I bring my car or would I be better off selling it here, flying down and buying one there.

    Hope to read more information here in the future.

    In the mean time; Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.

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    I believe Terry is correct; the U.S. will go through a crisis during the next 4 years.

    Will it be another war? Will it be another financial crash? Will it be both; I don’t know.

    But even on CNBC today, and at least 3 times that I saw last week, some of the talking heads are telling the audience that it is time for the private individual investor watching the cable TV show to come on in (invest), the water is fine.

    Many of us know this tactic as “pump” and then soon “dump”; and others know that when your dentist tells you it is time to invest the ship has long since sailed.

    The DOW is on the edge of 20,000 and that is alarming too.

    Watch, we are in another bubble and the house of cards, once again, will crumble.

    As for moving to Mexico during the crisis?

    That being a wise move will depend on many variables but I will say if you’re going to do it, do it now, today, immediately so that you can at least cash in on the high season at hand.

    If things go bad half way through or by the end of 2017 you’ll have made good money and will have plenty of warning to make a change in your plans.

    The same is true for those of us in the U.S.

    Earn as much as we can, as quick as we can, and bank it!

    Hope I’m wrong and it all works out.

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    If things turn bad in the USA the fly-2 destinations will do much better.

    Places like Hawaii, Mexico and the Caribbean.

    Yes, the visitor count (tourism) will drop but the people that vacation during rough times are people that make money during those times. They may be a little more cautious, depending on the overall situation, but they still buy and spend.

    It’s the drive-2 regions where we’ll take the biggest hit; just like the last time.

    I’ve got my fingers crossed and will remain watchful to be sure.

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    Taco Ted

    Hey Scoop, If you are in Cabo this week meet me any night, 8:00 P.M., at a secret place

    If you know Cabo then we’ll use the code name “No Bad Days”; and you’ll know the location.

    I’ll be the one sitting at the end of Bar wearing a brightly colored Sombrero, dark glasses, unshaved, and singing along to all the tunes like Margaritaville.

    When you approach ask me if this Cantina stocks Patron and I’ll answer, do you mean the good stuff that hasn’t been watered down like they do at the resorts?

    If you say Si, then from that moment on we’ll party like there is no manana and create stories and memories we can tell our Grand-kids, should we be lucky enough to live that long and have any!

    Viva Cabo!

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    I just wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and all the other Holiday’s and here is hoping we all have a smashing 2017 too!

    We all have so much to be thankful for including how we make our living’s selling wonderful vacations for families to enjoy worldwide!


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    Bah humbug to these holidays. Same for the Ghost of Xmas past, present and yet to come.

    What you all need are longer hours, lower pay; only a half day off each week from work and high interest rates when you want me to loan you money because you are constantly broke living your miserable and pathetic lives.

    If I could work my will every idiot who goes abo ut with ‘Merry Christmas’ on his lips, should be boiled with his own pudding, and buried with a stake of holly through his heart. He should!

    And stop that insidious music. I’m not going to stand for this sort of nonsense any longer.

    Now get back to work and get me more deals!

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    Santa is on the way.

    Join in with with your children, have fun and track Saint Nick.

    Merry Christmas.

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