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    Yes, Mary deserves a spif because Ted saved, using the example, ($400 x 10 more deals) $4,000 in direct marketing costs. And, of course, the additional revenue from her sales and amf’s.

    Yes, Ted should hire hitters but as long as Ted has his nose stuck to his bottom line and the target vpg Ted demands; from that point on Ted is oblivious and could care less.

    Yes, if you brought things up like this to a developer in a meeting you deserve to get thrown out (LMAO).

    Yes, commission only sucks and is for losers because it only takes a bad economy or a medical emergency… to wipe out any savings’ and it’s never easy starting over from scratch.

    Yes, tell us all more about that Nigerian deal. Sounds great and I could use a windfall :()

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    I use to work in Mexico and mucho loved my time there.

    But the developers are really raking it if from everyone from the liners and closer to their members.

    For most there are no benefits of any kind and the commission is no different and sometimes much less than in the U.S.

    As for the members that buy; they pay the same for a RTU for 25 years as they would in the U.S,. for a deed and perpetuity.

    Then, when the time is up the members walk away so the developer still owns the property while the members kept (paid) the up keep (maintenance) of their resorts.

    When the members time runs out the developer just sell the space again.

    When members stop making payments after a few years and just quit and walk away the developers have companies that go after the members for the money, ruin their credit; but still resell their time slot to someone else.

    In conclusion – I’d go back to Mexico in a heart beat but not of 1 % less than 25% on each deal.

    Viva Mexico

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    Bob makes a good point because there is plenty of room to pay a larger percentage.

    Maybe the higher the closing ratio the higher the percent should be?

    Or packs; bring them back and a favorable split.

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