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    When I first started in 1988 i met some from the motley crew days.

    What a bunch of fun but crazy people.

    Prior to timesharing many had been dirt closers; they, partied all night long, wore tons of jewelry, dressed well, drove expensive cars and they’d do anything to get close sales and get those spiffs.

    My first sales manager back then was one; a crusty old salt and he’d start most of his meetings’ in the morning screaming at us to do whatever it took to get a deal and constantly reminded us the house of cards would soon tumble.

    Not a good tactic but we all believed him so we heeded the advise and did what it took to write business.

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    And the hang-over continues (LMAO).

    What I would like to know is how many worked in sales and marketing over all the years and whatever that number is how many work today in sales and marketing?

    Probably not a question that can be answered with any certainty but it would be interesting do know.

    And, of everyone that worked then and now; how many actually made a career out of it?

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    Next morning cash spiffs you say?


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    Living off daily cash spiffs and banking the commission checks?

    Count me in!

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