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    I’ll agree producing a store wide CR below 25% should never be acceptable but I don’t know about the 40% you claim.

    I shall hold judgement until part 2.

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    RE: “something timeshare developers should consider if increased sales and lower marketing costs are important to them.”

    It’s odd that developers moan about marketing costs and wanting more sales but they do nothing (really) to make either happen.

    Go figure!

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    As I always suspected; you

    must be hallucinating


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    Many street OPC’s and phone rooms do hide, as much as they can, that the focus of the invite is to a timeshare sales presentation.

    Before I joined the sales line I worked the phones and was a OPC and I always told people that it was a timeshare; and then I made it clear there was nothing to fear and lots of goodies if they attended.

    Never had any problem, most my tours showed and I was a top Booker too.

    That’s my two cents.

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