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    We had a sales manager who use to tell the story how she once sold an 80 year old widower.

    Her shtick was the reason Gramps bought a zillion weeks from her was to give one week each to his grand and great grand kids.

    She said she told Gramps that if he left them his money (when he passed) they’d all just blow it and forget about him (and Grandma) but if he gave each one a week of timeshare to use each year they’d remember him forever.

    The last time she reminded us of that story I raised my hand during the afternoon meeting and ask:

    “Well, why don’t we drag in more grandparents with grand and great grand kids if they’re that good of a shot?”

    She responded – “Look I told you a thousand times: “don’t prejudge. An Up is an Up. Either you sell them or they sell you….”

    Then, when the meeting was over I was fired shortly thereafter.

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    Mark Twain popularized quote, “lies, damned lies, and statistics.”

    Perhaps the low life expectancy in the US is because of the high rate of youth deaths by drugs, shootings, accidents.

    Life expectancy for an 80 year old:
    Life Expectancy (Female): 9.6 years
    Life Expectancy (Male): 8.1 years
    # Alive Out of 100,000 born: 56,648

    Notice that over half born 80 years ago are alive.

    We bought another timeshare 1 1/2 years ago at $378
    Our ages were 75 and 66.

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    And it becomes part of your estate so you can sell it when you’re done vacationing and get back all the money you would have spent on vacation rentals anyway. Plus, if you don’t want to sell, and maybe even make a profit, you can Will it to your heirs and they, too, can enjoy a lifetime of luxury vacations.

    I wonder how many beneficiaries over the last 5 decades asked the Attorney (during the reading of the Will) – What the hell is a timeshare and why do I have to pay that thing called an annual maintenance fee every year for the rest of my life on a place I’ll never visit and for something I never wanted or asked for?

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    The newly wed and the nearly dead are nothing but room fill.

    The sooner you figure that out the happier you will be.

    Now take the tour, pitch the deal, close ’em and collect the check.

    Deal with it!

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    Maybe the whole deal is part of writing off business expenses and loses for tax purposes.

    Write off the cost of marketing to 79 year olds.

    When a sale is (rarely) made, write off the cost of the commissions and over-rides etc. as a standard business deduction.

    A 79 year buys today but passes soon after and has no heirs; write down/off the loss value of the contract and, maybe, the AMF.

    I don’t know what I’m talking about; but even when a 79 year old tour is healthy and buys today; if they didn’t pay cash they’ll have 5 years of payments plus the AMF’s.

    Then they’ll be 84 or 85 and who knows if they’ll still be able to vacation or continue to pay the AMF’s.

    All I know for sure is we shouldn’t have tours beyond their mid 60’s unless we have a right to use (RTU) TS of up to 5 and no more than 10 years and then they are out.

    As for those tours in the 20’s? Forget about ’em as they, IMO, are the worse and especially many millennials that don’t want to own anything including cars.

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    Speaking of statistics'; UPS that are younger than 30 are a waste of all our time.

    Sure, now and the someone gets a mini deal; but they often kick soon thereafter.

    Target marketing Developers; wake up and let us sell more so we all make more.

    It’s all about sales and money; isn’t it or are we just selling vacations because we’re all a bunch of good and kind people purely helping humanity live a better life?



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