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    They say that the two best days for boat owners are the day they buy their boat and the day they sell their boat.

    I suspect the same is true for those that buy that $300,000 top of the line 40 foot motorhome.

    In both instances, I believe, the desire and pride to outright own is part of the psychology behind plunking down and committing to all the costs of owning (either).

    But I also suspect that most motorhome and boat owners, sooner or later, wind up parking (or dry docking) their toys – and want out!

    So if we’re going to sell the primary reason to buy a timeshare being a much better and more affordable alternative than committing to a full ownership vacation home then we’ll still have one major flaw that continues to plague us anyway and that is an exit plan.

    When the industry figures that out – and actually comes up with a viable and guaranteed exit strategy then sales will soar regardless if we sell the vacation home concept or buy here and travel the world exchanging.

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    If you’re going to go down memory lane; years ago when I was attending a small high school one of my friends parents owned a really nice cabin up in the mountains.

    Several times each year the whole family would go spend a long weekend or a couple of weeks (during the summer) and several times they took me along with them.

    I was in awe of them (anyone) owning a “vacation home” and all the other kids thought Rick’s parents were “rich” (LOL); but they weren’t.

    One summer when I went with Rick and his family we spent two full weeks up at the cabin.

    I loved those two weeks and recall, nearly desperately, after we came back wishing that my parents had a cabin too,

    Later that week I asked my Dad if we could get a cabin and he said he’d look into it and maybe next year…..

    We never did get that cabin……

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    Selling TS reminds me of when I once sold life insurance.

    Back then when I would cold-call or contact current policy holders in my file most people didn’t want to hear a word of what I had to say or offer.

    But, when I delivered a death benefit (check) and to express my condolences ; I was the greatest person in the world and welcomed with open arms.

    And that is the way it is with TS.

    People come to the presentation, sometimes, damn near hostile with preconceived notions and closed minds.

    But go to any TS resort and look how TS owners’ are enjoying their family vacations sitting around the pool or on the beach and they are having the time of their lives.

    As for selling the vacation home (first) aspect; I’ve always done so and it works great.

    Like ‘Anonymous’ pointed out. If our next door neighbor or someone we work with or even a family member has a vacation home and invites us to join them; we immediately go shopping for a shiny new suitcase…..

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    Scoop, everybody in the US is selling points now. So, let’s assume that I buy the expensive condo on the beautiful beach. You buy the wonderful timeshare package that allows you to travel the world. We both spend big bucks. One month after our purchases are complete we both get sick – and can’t travel anymore.

    What do you get back? And what do I get back? Terry hit the nail on the head. And the rest of the world is waking up to that fact………..

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    How many times to I have to tell all of you this?

    Take the tour, sell and close the deal, hammer the commission check and shut up!

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    Scoop, if I’m not wrong, all developers in the US are selling points to new customers. No deeds. Let’s say you and I buy ourselves some super-duper vacation “properties.”

    You buy the best bargain you can find with the best developer, so you can enjoy life and travel the world with your points. I’ll buy an oceanfront condo in a nice location, and plan to do the best in renting/exchanging with other like-minded owners.

    And let’s say that both of us pay the same amount of money. BUT, we both have family problems, health issues, financial issues after one month of ownership…..

    What is your “ownership” worth and what is my “property” worth? Terry hit the nail on the head. And the world is starting to wake up to that reality….

    Giving your “deed” back to “W” or paying $250 to “D” will not be acceptable to the coming generation…… Nuf said.

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    Some people know the cost of everything and the value of nothing.

    You all are forgetting something; whether you buy a vacation home or buy a Timeshare and that is vacationers are transferring or recommitting the cost of the accommodations they’re going to spend RENTING ANYWAY!

    Why is everyone forgetting or ignoring that simple fact?

    OMG – everyone here acts like hotels or motels give away their rooms for fricken free – NOT!

    Vacation accommodations cost money people; whether you buy or rent them.

    And they ALL have to be maintained too; and that cost is part of the nightly room (rental) rate!

    Wake up and smell the damn coffee!

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