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    They say that the two best days for boat owners are the day they buy their boat and the day they sell their boat.

    I suspect the same is true for those that buy that $300,000 top of the line 40 foot motorhome.

    In both instances, I believe, the desire and pride to outright own is part of the psychology behind plunking down and committing to all the costs of owning (either).

    But I also suspect that most motorhome and boat owners, sooner or later, wind up parking (or dry docking) their toys – and want out!

    So if we’re going to sell the primary reason to buy a timeshare being a much better and more affordable alternative than committing to a full ownership vacation home then we’ll still have one major flaw that continues to plague us anyway and that is an exit plan.

    When the industry figures that out – and actually comes up with a viable and guaranteed exit strategy then sales will soar regardless if we sell the vacation home concept or buy here and travel the world exchanging.


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