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    A couple years ago I was asked to stay after the line was cut because marketing was sending in a direct but the couple would be a little late.

    Being a team player I agreed and about one hour later they arrived.

    With their backpacks in tow the unmarried couple in their mid 20’s showed up in dirty clothes and looking and smelling like they had been camping and hadn’t had a shower in days.

    I took the tour (front to back) and the end result was, obviously, no deal.

    Being one of the top closers on the line later I approached the marketing manager and we had a discussion.

    He won, I lost and for confronting him I was put on overage for the next 3 days.

    Another case of the tail wagging the dog.

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    Rock the boat and they’ll toss you overboard.

    Just take the tour, pitch, close and hammer the check.

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    timeshare are a tricky business meaning there a lot of snakes and ladders meaning when it comes to timeshare you never know what your really getting into

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