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    Well said and true.

    Makes me long for the days of bliss; red, white and blue weeks to sell when there was no rental competition

    You, however, forget to mention all the private parties renting out their time as well as places like Tug where owners rent to other owners or anyone else looking for a good rental deal.

    Yep, it has all changed and will continue to do so.

    Thankfully we still get tours that aren’t tuned in to the internet but who knows how much longer that hay ride will last.

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    Very prescient, Scoop. And you have a good grasp of history. You will remember Woolworths, Kresges, and Newberrys. They got replaced by Walmart, Target and Costco. And now we have Amazon and the whole “internet thing.” History shows that the inefficient and expensive marketplaces get replaced.

    Change is just part of the human experience. And information is worth it’s weight in gold. And how many customers in “the land of time” know that they are signing a lifetime contract that depreciates 90% in a month, and has phrases like, “terms and conditions are subject to change and accommodations are subject to availability.”

    Competition will make the marketplace for vacations much more efficient and you are correct that there will be less people “laughing all the way to the bank.” So make hay while the sun shines, take that tour and hope that they didn’t come just for the gift.

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    I was watching a PBS documentary last week about WWI (World War 1) and they showed footage of when the first military tanks were developed and introduced to the battle field.

    What an ugly, clumsy and awkward machine that was; but as I was watching the program a thought hit me about our industry.

    On so many levels, we’re operating like that British Mark 1 Tank that hit the war zone in September of 1916.


    And though military tanks around the world have evolved since those early days; in the “land of time” we still operate as if it was a century ago.

    Sure, the resorts these days are much better; but everything else, for the most part, is as it was.

    We have met the enemy……

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    It wasn’t to long ago in the timeshare business when we were all taught that down turns in the economy such as high unemployment, low wages, depressed housing markets, high interest rates or general financial calamity did not affect sales.

    Some of always knew that was just more of the typical timeshare hype (BS) but we all learned the final lesson when the global crash began back in 2007.

    Timeshare sales plummeted from nearly $11 Billion (annually) down to about $6 Billion.

    Marketing operations closed down as did sales centers and thousands were laid off; most with no unemployment insurance to fall back on and jobs were tight everywhere.

    Back then even some of the developers applied for a government bail-out; but I don’t think they received any (tax payer money).

    Bottom line, as was said, things and times change and we are no longer selling in a time and market place like it was when the grandparents bought their TS.

    Today’s vacationers have all sorts of choices and if the Millennial’s don’t like to buy homes etc. just imagine the crowd behind them and the choices they’ll have for vacationing.

    Seize the day; tomorrow will be here sooner then most of us understand, acknowledge or willing to admit.


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    Big Bob

    Always remember this:

    Yesterday is history, tomorrow is the mystery; take the tour today, sell and close the deal and hammer the commission check.

    As for anything else – forget about-it and whatever else you do have fun.

    When doing what we do stops being fun; its’ time to move on……

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