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    Not quite sure how you’d structure a flying timeshare plan but one of my life regrets is that I never took the time to get my private pilots license.

    Many children, boys and girls, grow up day dreaming about being able to fly and becoming pilots but like me, for whatever reason(s), never got around to it.

    In my case, when I looked into it I took one of those low-cost trial flights at a small private airport that was offered by a pilot training school.

    After showing me what to do they even let me, for short distance, taxi the airplane down the runway.

    Then, when we were in the air the instructor told me how to bank (turn) the plane which I did and then how to fly it straight for a few minutes (and I did).

    As for timesharing? Like I said, not sure how that would be structured but I sure like the idea.

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    Don’t look for the standing developers to do anything new.

    They’re all corporatized up the wazoo; have their cut ($$$$$) and all is well as far as they’re concerned.

    It’s time for new independents.

    New blood is what we need; that will bring new “CC” for new products and a new direction for our futures.

    New; get it?

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    Top end Motor-Homes would be hot to sell as a RTU deal.

    Sell them in 2, 4, 6 or 8 week slots for a 3, 5, or 7 year run.

    At the end of the run sell the Motor-Home and give the original buyers a bit of their money back.

    Market that to the right people that want to RV (in style) and it would be a winner.

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    As I read this article what struck me was the suggestion that we’ve sold a “couple hundred billion” (B) dollars in timeshare interests around the world.

    Though sources, studies or reports were not included to support that sales volume I’ve been around for 17 years and based on ARDA and other reports that I’ve read the $200 Billion is probably fairly close to the whatever the real $ amount, so far, has been.

    What I would like to know (now); how many sales guests (TOURS, UPS) have we toured (so far) and how many OPC’s, liners and closers did it take to tour all those UPS to generate that $200 Billion?

    And, was that $200 Billion gross or net?

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