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    One time at a smaller shop we had a new sales manager.

    Up until his first month on the job each of the previous six months I had been in the #1 #2 & #3 top producer’s slots; of a team of 28.

    Then I hit a bad run for about 3 weeks; blanked and one Mikey.

    That 3rd week the new manager told me my VPG was terrible and that I better get it up asap (or else).

    At the start of the 4th week I was still having a bad run.

    For the new manager; the fact that during the previous six months I was on top wasn’t good enough because this month my VPG tanked and I was fired!

    That was the only time I had ever been fired from anything in my life!

    Being a team player didn’t matter. Always showing up to work and all meetings didn’t matter.

    Creating no drama in the sales center didn’t matter. Being loyal to the company (I had been with the developer a little over 1 year) didn’t matter.

    Up until I had a bad run; having one of the highest closing % in the room didn’t matter and having a VPG (the previous six months) above the average, didn’t matter either.

    For all you that are new; remember well the saying that many managers live by: “You’re only as good in the business as you last deal”

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    I agree that more $$$$$$ could be added when working out VPG’s.

    And I’m sure developers project money that will come in after the sale.

    But I also like the VPG the way it is and I keep my own records so I know every day when I hit the tables how much I’m going to make even when I don’t close the deal.

    I have a $2,375.00 VTD VPG; so every hand I shake I know I’m making a good living and that motivates me.

    That is true of everyone and the hands they, too, shake which is why I never understood the people I work with that cry about their tours because we’re still earning a living.

    You would think liners and closers could figure that out.

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