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    While looking around the internet this morning I found this website.

    I read many of the news stories including this column about social behavior.

    I should tell everyone that my wife and I own 3 timeshares and that I am also a retired insurance broker.

    But some 35 years ago I was working as a sales representative for a company called Fairfield and I liked what we were selling (very much) but not the way management treated us all.

    Especially the sales manager. Talk about social behavior. I think his name was Tom (can’t remember his last name) and he was a nasty piece of work.

    I only lasted 4 months and decided if what I was seeing was the future then it was time to move on.

    And so I did, studied and sat for my insurance license, passed and eventually became a broker with my own agency and because of making that decision back then and now being fully vested including a decent retirement package my wife and I continue to live good life.

    I’m sure those that were selling timeshares back when I did and stayed around did well too but I’m very thankful the way things worked out for my family.

    Thanks for this website. Very informative. Keep up the good work.

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    Patrick Henry

    Most people 25 years old (or younger) basically see the probing as no problem, business as usual. Besides, as far as they know that’s the way its’ always been.

    Many of those 25 to 40 years old (or older) are basically upset about the probing but they won’t fight city hall because they’re busy and they also fear repercussions.

    By the time many others are 60 years old (and older) they could careless because the probing has been going on for years and from their perspective their rodeo will soon be over.

    And that is how those in power bring about change.

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    Fess up Scoop and disclose all the wicked, evil, egregious, despicable, fiendish, depraved, diabolical and monstrous criminal acts from your past so the rest of us know who you really are! (LMAO).

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    At first I didn’t believe how many are arrested in America every year but then I looked it up and the figures seem to be correct.

    I was almost arrested one night when I was pulled over shortly after I left a 7-11.

    When the officer came up to my window he didn’t ask for my DL and instead wanted to know what I was doing in the area.

    I said I had just made a quick stop at the near-by 7-11 to get a soda and some chips and then he started drilling me about where I lived, how often I was in the area at night and then asked if I had any drugs or weapons on me or in the car.

    That is when I started to lose it and told him I’ve done nothing wrong and unless he was going to tell me otherwise that I wanted to leave.

    OUT OF THE CAR (he ordered) and as I did he turned me around, told me that I wasn’t under arrest but that he was putting me in the handcuffs to protect us both.

    And he did!!!

    Then when I wouldn’t give him permission to search my car he called for another officer with a dog. They showed up, the dog searched my car and found nothing.

    I was then given a stern lecture how I needed to be more cooperative with the authorities.

    The whole process took about 45 minutes of my time and ultimately the time of three paid police offices and the dog.

    At least the officer didn’t call for a helicopter or SWAT!

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