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    Change? We don’t need not changes (LOL).

    I would like to see us have 5, 10, 15 and 20 year right to use deals that we could sell like they do in other parts of the world.

    I have a buddy that works in Cancun killing it because they sell a 25 year deal.

    It’s clean on the back end because it has a built in exit; and that alone resolves the uphill battle with ‘WILL’ it to the (ungrateful – LOL) kids….

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    Scoop, a lot of Mt. “T”‘s comments are on the mark. So – each company in the industry would do themselves a favor by logging prospects visits (they get IDs) and not welcoming Mr. “T” a second time. Professional tour people think the free gift is their right to receive for busting someone’s butt.

    That goes back to the thought that OPCs don’t do any underwriting at all. An up is an up. The people that tour should be true “prospects.” Not seat fillers.

    And, Mike is right. The industry needs to adapt. How many people with a brain want to sign a same day contract which is perpetual, has little resale value, and doesn’t guarantee a room anywhere? And verbal representations don’t count – only the words in the contract written by company lawyers.

    A RTU contract with an expiration date makes much sense.

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    Speaking of filling seats John; that’s what it is all about!

    Right up there with throw it against the wall and see what sticks.

    I’m not saying every developer does it; but a lot of them for sure.

    Don’t believe?

    Then why are there still developers that have $40-50-K (gross) annual income for a family of two, three, four or more and insist the tours are ‘Q’?

    OMG, don’t they get it that 2018 is months away?

    Why do other developers pay for tours with no credit cards, debit cards or prepaid credit cards?

    Why do other developers pay for tours that are newlywed (in their 20’s) or near the end of their lives (in their 70’s-80’s)?

    Or those charming cohabiting couples that just hooked up because the sex was good and one of them was getting evicted from where they lived so they just moved in together (last month); splitting the rent on a studio furnished with only a two burner stove-top, a mini-frig and a sleeping bag?

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    I’M BACK!

    Just dropped by to see whats’ happen; guess I’ll have to remind everyone one more time!

    Take the tour.

    Pitch the tour.

    Close the deal.

    Collect the commission.

    That’s all there is to it; nothing more, nothing less.

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    Sounds like ‘T’ has a grudge because he once owned time; somehow unloaded it and will spend the rest of his life extracting a pound of flesh by going to as many presentations as he can and for as many goodies as the OPC’s will give him.

    At some point; who among us haven’t met up with ‘T’?

    I had one on the back-end the other day and he was a real a** – to the point, IMO, that he embarrassed his wife.

    I will always try and close the ‘T’ types.

    But when it becomes more than obvious that it ain’t gonna happen; before I kick them out of my office (sales room) and down the road (to gifting) I let him have it with both barrels so he knows that I know who and what he really is!

    I also did that the other day – and his face was as red as blood – and i felt great!

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    First, T’s comments are on the money, but based upon this article his behavior is inexcusable.

    BUT, in T’s defense, when you check in a resort, they push the ‘owner update’ non-stop. Sometimes, you can’t use all the features of the resort until you agree to go to an update. They insist it is not a sales pitch even though everybody knows it is.

    I say the same thing every time I get stuck in one of pitches. Here is my email and send me the details on how I will save maintenance or whatever they are promising. Not once has anyone ever gotten back to me.

    Sadly, you are all salespeople is a whore’s industry. You can put as much lipstick on it as you want, but it is still a pig.

    Even buying on EBAY for a $1 doesn’t make much sense when you look at the maintenance cost. Look at Wyndham, constantly changing the rules of use, making use of your points more difficult each year. Plus extra fees are constantly being piled on.

    We are always trying to decide if our 2 timeshares (both bought on EBAY for $1 over 10 years ago) are worth keeping.


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