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    Everyone that attends the ‘pitch’ is treated fine.

    The pressure is the money because they are sold on something they now want and must pay for.

    Then, when confronted by the accumulative cost that runs $10-$20-$30-K or as much as $60,000 + (or more) that is when they puke!

    It’s the same with BR (buyers remorse).

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    The gift is the goal for ALL attendees. Give the gift at the beginning of the presentation and you will have NO complaints. People will leave when they get fed up. However, extend the 90 minutes to 3 hours, 4, 5, and people get fidgety. They don’t want a $25,000 purchase to be reduced to $15,000 – then $10,000 – then a $2,500 sampler. They are on vacation and the OPC said, “90 minute, no pressure tour.” After 2 hours, and no gift – it is NOT 90 minutes, and the pressure is having to get past 4 salespeople who are playing tag-team selling.

    Have you ever seen college courses that are 3 or 4 hours long? The brain doesn’t like to be stimulated that long. Cops use similar tactics in interrogations. You know that, Scoop.

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    You’re right John.

    They are all VICTIMS because they also gave up their freewill to leave when those “90 minutes” have lapsed.


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