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    I have a base plus outstanding commissions and a benefits package that would knock your socks off that includes paid vacations, paid sick leave, full med/den and vision for my entire family and life insurance………………

    Only fools & suckers are working these days as I/C’s.

    Get a grip people – the clock is ticking and the final day will be here sooner than you care to acknowledge!

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    Long time reader first time posting.

    Several years ago a guy named Steve was working with us as a T/O.

    He had been around since, I think, the late 1970’s and had only been with us for about 8 or 10 weeks.

    Then one day he didn’t show up to work, then two days came and went and around the forth or fifth day we found out he had a heart attack and passed.

    Steve was found in his tiny studio; he had passed alone and rumor was he was broke too but in the short time I knew him and when he talked about his glory days it sounded like he made a lot of money.

    I tended to believe him because even the short time he worked with us he was closing deals.

    I guess what I’m saying is save your money, invest wisely and be prepared.

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    The answer to how many actually made that “killing” ($$$$$) is anyone’s guess.

    I think some standard norms apply.

    Like, 10-20% of all the liners and closers make (or made) a decent living and stayed (or will say) around for many years; it is, after all, a great deal if you’re making good money.

    But that is not making a ‘killing'; and the other 80-90% are not doing that well.

    The ones making a lot of $$$$$$$ is a very small number.

    Everyone can take a shot at the big $$$$$$$$ but not everyone will do so; or get there even if they take the shot.

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    If the numbers are right I would like to know of the 133 Million that didn’t buy a week, two or more – how many of those NO’S was our fault because:

    1. We hauled in tours that didn’t have the bucks.

    2. We sat on tables with 25-30 year old’s.

    3. We sat on tables with tours over 60.

    4. We dragged in UPS that vacation once every ten years and their idea of a dream vacation is to camp out in cousin Bubba’s backyard?


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    Yesterday is history; forget about it..

    And don’t worry about tomorrow; you can’t control it.

    If you wake up today, have your health, family, friends and a great job selling slabs of time where you can make up to a $1,000 or more on one (1) deal then you are a WINNER!

    Think about it!

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